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    Thank you.

    You say that my process is correct, but you see only one transaction for each commission, but I see two.

    In my case, one transaction was performed when the vendor requested a withdrawal, and another one, for the same commission, when the admin marked the commission as “paid”.

    I am attaching a view of my payments history from the vendor dashboard. Again, this is for the test without any dashed-slug plugins installed. I want to be sure that we are on the same page.

    So, if/when you can, please tell me the following:

    1. When testing using the Direct bank gateway, did you go to “Payments” -> “Withdrawal” and request a withdrawal as a vendor?

    2. When testing using the Direct bank gateway, did you click on to “WCMp” -> “Commissions” -> (commission) -> “Mark as paid”, as an admin?

    When I perform both of these actions, they each trigger process_payment() and create a transaction, as you can see in my screenshot. Once I understand why this happens I can then go on to test the crypto payment gateway again and see.

    Thank you again for your help in diagnosing this. Have a good time at the summit!

    with regards

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    Hello Alex,

    I hope you are doing well. Sorry for getting back to you bit late.

    Answering your questions:
    1. YES
    2. YES

    I made the same tests as you and found the same results. I want to think that it is the expected behaviour, I asked in case.

    Now, when I activated the plugin, and followed the same flow of orders, I found:

    – In Withdrawals history, it saves only the “completed” (the wthdrawal) order. In case of Bank Trnsfrs, the first order is marked as “processing”, and then when the admn pays and marks the ordr as padd, then a second one appears with “completed” status in frontend (2 in total).
    – In Bankng overview it only records the commission, but not the withdrawal.

    Alex, by the way, I want to ask regarding wthdrawls about the gateways fees and email notification:
    – I assume that the fees issue (topic) it is not addressed yet.
    – It would be possible to trigger the same email notifications like for Bank Transfr? I think it is important as receipt of payment (but telling that the dpost is made on the wllt).

    Thank you as usual for your great help.

    Best regards




    You say that you performed the same test as I did and got the same results. To me this looks like an error, because one order is paid twice to the vendor. I would like to look at this issue again only after we know exactly what the correct process is, otherwise there’s no point. All I know at the moment is that when the WCMp plugin requests a payment to be made the payment gateway performs it.

    It is unlikely that I will be implementing fees, so I will add some more info on the relevant thread.

    Regarding notifications, please open a new thread and describe exactly what notification you would like to see. Are you referring to the actual internal transfer performed from the admin to the vendor? There are already notifications available for internal transfers, and the TX comment explains what the transfer is for. Moreover, these events are hookable, so you could perform any additional action you like, including sending more emails. Again, let’s discuss this in a new thread.

    with regards



    Hello Alex,

    I did not get back to you because I am still waiting for their confirmation, in order to know exactly if it is an error or not.

    I will inform you about it in order to adress the issue properly as you said.

    Thank you again,

    Best regards,

    PS: I will open a new discussion for the e-mail notification.



    OK, since you asked then, I will not have to ask them as well about this. Thank you. I will work on other stuff until then.



    Hello Alex,

    I hope you are doing well.

    I wanted just to keep you updated about the mentioned issues. After many exchanges and tests with their team, finnaly the bug is identified and uploaded to Git. You can follow if you want, the issue number is #135.

    Officially, it is planned to be fixed for the comming release (V34.5).

    Thank you

    Best regards

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