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    Thank you for all the feedback. To clarify:

    1. You would like vendors to be able to request their own withdrawals. I agree that the current solution is not ideal. However this issue is not easy for me to investigate. It would take too much time, and most users are interested in other things that are more urgent. As it is right now, the admin simply has to verify commissions before they are paid out, which is not a bad idea I believe.

    The core issue here is that the original author of this codebase (probably before grey parrots) had intended for the vendors to maintain a ledger, and then commission payments and payouts modify that ledger. The wallets plugin has its own ledger, so the vendor has to “withdraw” balance from the wcmp ledger to the wallets ledger. There is no clear API for communicating with the WCMp ledger, so I had to hack the database for all of this to work. Not a clean solution. To make a single payment, we now have commissions, transactions, internal transfers and two completely different types of withdrawals. Very confusing.

    2. You mention that there is some issue with partial refunds. Could you please open a new thread so we can track this issue? If you can, please be clear on what you tested and what you would expect to see.

    You then mentioned that you think this is a WCMp bug. Did you experience a problem using other gateways besides the dashed-slug one? If you can please also provide this info in the new thread.

    3. You mentioned something about cron jobs, but I did not understand what. The WCMp payment gateway is in no way related to cron jobs and does not use them. If this is a separate issue, can you please open a new thread and provide more details?

    Thank you for the clarifications and for all your help with testing. I feel like we’re getting there!

    Hopefully once this gateway evolves I will write a complete guide on how to set up a marketplace and more people will be using it.

    with regards


    Hi Alex,

    Thanks to you also for implementing all the proposed backlog contribution, I really appreciate your help and consideration. From our side, I hope it was just testing something, but for ideas conceptualization it takes more than that.

    1. Of course, I understand. When I proposed the original codebase I imagined that it would be not the perfect match, but at least a feasible solution.

    2. When I found the issues I deactivated everything and just tested with direct transfers, and found that it is a bug related to the plugin. OK Alex, once I have an answer and a base fix from them, I will keep you posted on a new thread if there is some persistent issues.

    3. It is a setting that has the plugin to allow automatic disburals through strpe or papal. If you go to payments setting you will find “Disbursement Schedule > If checked, automatically vendors commission will disburse.”, which triggers a specific hook. I will open a new thread about it.

    Thank you

    Best regards

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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