slug regular-slug five-slug unlimited-slug
description Free Subscription Single Site Plan Multiple Sites Plan Unlimited Sites Plan
sites 1 1 5 ∞ (unlimited)
access to extensions coin adapters only
automatic updates no
support for all extensions coin adapters only
price (excl VAT) free $3.23 per month $4.84 per month $8.06 per month
price (incl VAT 24%) free $4 per month $6 per month $10 per month
free signup view plan view plan view plan


I already have a premium membership. Do I need to do change my subscription?

No. If you are already a member with the Premium Membership Plan, or if you sign up to the Premium Membership Plan until 15 October 2018, you can continue to use this plan indefinitely.

I am a registered business in the EU. Can I apply for tax exemption?

Yes, you can avoid payment of the 24% tax. Please make sure that you pay for one of the tax-exempt membership plans, and enter your VAT IN when asked to do so in the sign up form. If you are already a member with the Legacy Premium Plan, you can cancel this plan and sign up again to the tax-exempt Legacy Premium plan, entering your VAT IN in the sign up form.

I use or intend to use the plugin with a multisite install. Do I need the multisite plan?

No, unless if you plan to use the plugin on more than one multi-site installations. One multisite installation will be counted as one site, even if there are multiple blogs on that site.

Membership plans

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