slug regular-slug five-slug unlimited-slug
description Free Subscription Single Site Plan Multiple Sites Plan Unlimited Sites Plan
sites 1 1 5 ∞ (unlimited)
access to extensions coin adapters only
automatic updates no
support for all extensions coin adapters only
price (excl VAT) free $3.23 per month $4.84 per month $8.06 per month
price (incl VAT 24%) free $4 per month $6 per month $10 per month
free signup view plan view plan view plan


I am a registered business in the EU. Can I apply for tax exemption?

Yes, you can avoid payment of the 24% tax. Please make sure that you pay for one of the tax-exempt membership plans, and enter your VAT IN when asked to do so in the sign up form. If you are already a member with the Legacy Premium Plan, you can cancel this plan and sign up again to the tax-exempt Legacy Premium plan, entering your VAT IN in the sign up form.

I do not have a registered business in the EU. Can I still apply for tax exemption?

No. Do not sign up with a business plan if you cannot provide tax details that can be verified. I would have to pay your tax in this case. For this reason, you will not be able to download premium content before your tax details are verified. If you signed up with a tax-exempt plan by mistake, contact me and I will provide a refund.

I use or intend to use the plugin with a multisite install. Do I need the multisite plan?

No, unless if you plan to use the plugin on more than one multi-site installations. One multisite installation will be counted as one site, even if there are multiple blogs on that site.

I already have a premium membership (from before October 2018). Do I need to do change my subscription?

No. If you are already a member with the Premium Membership Plan, or if you sign up to the Premium Membership Plan until 15 October 2018, you can continue to use this plan indefinitely.

Membership plans

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