The FREE dashed-slug plugins are available on Any updates automatically appear in your admin area’s Plugins menu.

The premium extensions to these plugins are only available from the Download area of this site. You will need to install them directly from the plugin .zip files.


Once you install at least one of these extensions on your site, you will want to activate extension updates.

Activation lets your WordPress installation know when a new update has been made available. Updates to the premium extensions are available only to registered dashed-slug members.

You will have received a hexadecimal activation code in an email when you first subscribed to the site. You will need to copy this code and paste it into your site.

Once you have installed and activated a plugin extension, there will be a new menu under Settings, titled Activate plugins. Navigate to that page, paste your activation code, and click on Save changes.

Activate updates to the plugin extensions.
Activate updates to the plugin extensions by entering your unique activation code.



You have now activated all your current and future plugin extensions.

If you have a multi-site installation, activation is valid for all your sites.

Thanks for supporting the dashed-slug.


Extension updates activation

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