The dashed-slug is a subscription-based WordPress plugin house. The slug’s mission is to offer you quality WordPress plugins that deliver awesome functionality to your website!

WordPress plugins overview

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Currently dashed-slug offers two free core plugins available to all, a number of plugins available to subscribers, and a steadily growing number of premium plugin extensions.

The two free plugins are:

  1. The SVG Logo and Text Effects plugin, or SLATE for short, lets you insert stylish, extravagant, or just plain silly SVG text SVG text SVG text SVG text into your posts and pages. SVG text is editable and SEO-friendly, unlike image text!
  2. NEW! NEW! NEW!  NEW!

    The Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets plugin lets you integrate wallets into your site so that users can deposit, withdraw, and transfer Bitcoins. With the provided coin adapters you can integrate more cryptocurrencies. Subscribe if you want to be notified about any new releases.


  1. You can use and abuse the FREE plugins as you will.
  2. Subscribe on this site if you want to be notified about new developments, write to the support forum or download the coin adapters.
  3. Become a premium member if you want to download the premium extensions, have auto-updates and priority support for these extensions, and access to any new premium extensions or plugins that will be released in the future.

subscribers have access to:

Anyone can become a dashed-slug subscriber for FREE. Subscribing gets you the following:

premium members have access to:

Premium membership gives you access to:

Becoming a premium member is easy, affordable, and helps the dashed-slug to keep sluggin’ on and developing more WordPress stuff!

Click the button below to:

  • upgrade your existing free subscription to a premium membership, OR
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Becoming a premium member will only set you back by $9.95 per 3 months and does not require you to come into contact with any actual slugs; all the products and services listed here are digital and therefore, by definition, not slimy!



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