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? Cryptocurrency Exchange extension for WordPress reaches maturity

? Cryptocurrency Exchange extension for WordPress reaches maturity

The Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets Exchange extension for WordPress reaches version 1.0.0. Yay!

Exchange extension to Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets for WordPress

The dashed-slug’s flagship product, the Exchange extension, has now reached version 1.0.0, after remaining in beta for some time now. During beta testing, a number of important bugs have been squashed, many of them with the help of users. A big thank you to all who provided feedback. You rock!

The Exchange extension lets you setup and run a cryptocurrency exchange, built on the custodial wallets provided by the Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets free WordPress plugin. Thanks to the multiple coin adapters available, it is possible to back the exchange with full node wallets, or with a third party wallet, or even to mix-and-match different wallet types. This plugin combo is an attractive solution for coin developers who wish to provide their own exchange for a new or upcoming coin.

End of beta phase

All software has bugs. But, after months of testing, we can be reasonably certain that at least order placement and the FIFO matching engine are operating correctly and without issues. Lessons have been learned, issues have been addressed, and now it is time to take this extension out of beta. It’s an important milestone for sure.


So, what’s next? The most often requested feature is some type of integration with a referrals plugin (e.g. see here, here and here). This is the most logical step forward for this extension, but it will have to wait:

Over the coming months I will be putting some more focus in other extensions: Most notably the Tip the Author extension, the Airdrop extension, and the WooCommerce Payment gateway that still has some incompatibilities with WCMp. The Monero coin adapter also needs some love: its use of Subaddresses is something that, while super cool, is incompatible with some third-party wallets. There are always thing to improve, and the dev team is small, so all of this will take time. Be patient, and subscribe to the blog (RSS) to learn about all the big announcements, or like the Facebook page or Twitter feed for more detailed news.


As always, please post any feedback related to the parent plugin at and to the Exchange extension at Thank you ?


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