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Taproot Assets now available

Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets - lnd and tapd Wallet Adapter - Transact Bitcoin on the Lightning network, and mint and transact Taproot Assets

Taproot Assets now available

Introducing support for Taproot Assets in the Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets plugin for WordPress.

Starting with version 0.3.0-beta of the lnd wallet adapter, there is now support for Taproot Assets in the Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets plugin for WordPress.

The lnd Wallet Adapter extension is hereby renamed to lnd and tapd Wallet Adapter extension. The extension now contains both wallet adapters and is available for free download.

BUIDLing on Taproot Assets

Taproot Assets is a protocol that lets you mint your own assets and transact them both on Layer 1 and Layer 2 (Lightning network) of the Bitcoin network. It is going to be all the rage during the next Bitcoin bull run, which should happen later on this year, a few months after the halving.

Two Wallet Adapters

In addition to the existing DSWallets\LND_Wallet_Adapter that lets you connect to a Lightning Labs lnd node and transact Bitcoin on the Lightning Network, there is no a new adapter:

The DSWallets\TAPD_Wallet_Adapter will let you connect to a tapd daemon and mint or transact Taproot Assets.

As with all Wallet Adapters for Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets, this one is available to download for FREE. Just create a free account on the site and you will be able to download it. Only downloading the App Extensions for the plugin costs money.

Installing the Adapters

As always, I have provided step-by-step complete installation instructions.

The instructions have many steps because they are very thorough. You MUST have basic knowledge of the Linux shell and some basic networking skills to follow the installation instructions. If you do, then installation will be easy.

Follow the instructions to install lnd and tapd on an appropriate server (i.e. NOT your home machine). This can be a host on digitalocean, hostinger, or any other such service.

Since lnd can work with a lightweight Neutrino bitcoin client, it is not necessary to keep a copy of the Bitcoin blockchain. This saves you a lot on disk space and therefore hosting expenses.

I do not undertake installations on behalf of clients (sorry), but I am available to answer any questions you have. Just email me mentioning how many steps you have gone through and where you got stuck. You can also post on the support forum. The adapter is still in beta, which means that it is tested but there might be minor issues with it. If you spot any issues, let me know and I’ll fix any problems as soon as possible.

As with all dashed-slug components, this one comes with extensive documentation. Please take the time to look at it, and feel free to ask me anything.


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