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Withdrawing funds larger than the hot wallet balance

Withdrawing funds larger than the hot wallet balance

Better handling of large withdrawals that cannot be immediately carried out due to insufficient funds in the site’s hot wallet.

Quick announcement: The latest release 4.4.6 of Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets for WordPress addresses the issue of what to do if a user requests a withdrawal, but not enough funds are available on the hot wallet balance.

Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets version 4.4.6

Cold Storage

For security reasons, it is recommended that admins do not hold the entire sum of user funds online. Instead, it’s best to use a cold storage. This can be any wallet that is not directly connected to the site. The Cold Storage feature of the plugin allows you to determine, for each coin, what amount should be online so that a certain percentage of user balances is always online. This should be managed periodically so that there are always enough funds for people to be able to carry out their withdrawals.

Changes in 4.4.6

Previously, if a user attempted a withdrawal and there were not enough funds online, the withdrawal would fail. This is not optimal in terms of user experience. As of version 4.4.6, the behavior of the plugin has changed: The withdrawal remains in a pending state indefinitely, and the admin or admins are notified hourly by email. When an admin deposits enough funds, the withdrawal will proceed and the notifications stop.


As always, please post any issues or feedback about the main plugin at, or here in the general discussion on the forums. You can also reach me by email.


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