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? Instant market orders

? Instant market orders

Instant market orders are now added to the dashed-slug cryptocurrency exchange plugin for WordPress.

Instant market orders are now added to version 1.1.0 of the Exchange extension to Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets for WordPress.

Exchange extension to Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets for WordPress
Version 1.1.0 is a significant iteration of the Exchange extension. A bunch of bugs have been squashed, but most importantly, market orders are added.

Market orders

Up until now, only limit orders were implemented. Market orders are the simplest type of order possible: They are bid/ask orders where the user does not specify a price, only an amount that they wish to transact, expressed in the quote currency. The market order is executed in its entirety, matching any open limit orders on the order-book, at any price. If there is not enough liquidity to execute the entire market order, the market order is not executed (i.e. there are no partially filled market orders).


As usual, the new shortcodes come in dynamic (default) and static flavors:

  • [wallets_exchange_market_buy]
  • [wallets_exchange_market_sell]
  • [wallets_exchange_market_buy template="static" market="ABC_XYZ"]
  • [wallets_exchange_market_sell template="static" market="ABC_XYZ"]


With every release of any extension, a list of changes can be found in the file CHANGELOG.html. Here’s the changelog for this version:

  • Add: Instant market orders. New PHP API endpoint, JSON API endpoint, and new shortcodes [wallets_exchange_market_buy] and [wallets_exchange_market_sell].
  • Fix: Corrected the maximum buy amount suggested in [wallets_exchange_limit_buy].
  • Fix: Maximum suggested amounts in limit order forms with template="static" are now clickable.
  • Fix: Fiat equivalent amounts are now displayed in limit order forms whenever possible (depending on availability of exchange rate information and user choice).
  • Fix: Link to market page in [wallets_exchange_market] is now redirecting again.
  • Improve: Various matching engine improvements.
  • Fix: Minor PHP warnings, while editing some static templates in the WP admin editor, are now silenced.
  • Improve: When the order-book is reloaded in the front-end, it will no longer update the exchange rate field in dynamic limit order forms if the field is currently focused (being edited by the user).
  • Fix: If no status attribute is specified in the [wallets_exchange_user_orders template="static"] shortcode, only open orders are listed by default, not filled or cancelled.
  • Fix: Corrected some errors in the shortcode examples showcased in the accompanying documentation.
  • Improve: In the [wallets_exchange_user_orders template="static"] shortcode, only open orders display a cancel button, since other orders cannot be cancelled.
  • Improve: Compatibility with SuperPWA. The JSON API is no longer cached.
  • Change: The default settings for the built-in rate limiter on the JSON API have been relaxed, now allowing for more operations per minute.

Thank you

A big thank you to everyone for your continued feedback and support, and for trusting some random stranger on the internet with code that handles your users’ money! You the real MVPs! A lot of work went into this release. The matching engine had to be modified, new API endpoints had to be introduced, and the overall quality of the software has been significantly improved, based partly on user suggestions.


Please send comments/feedback at the Exchange support forum, as usual.

You can post comments/feedback about the parent plugin, Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets, here or here.

I am also available to contact by email.


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