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Problem with Extension TOR

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    Will there be a concrete answer to my questions please?
    Why support but always so much time to answer …

    Since the beginning, I’m looking for solutions to run this plugin, but I also bring all the answers, I find it not very correct.

    Has anyone ever managed to run this plugin correctly?



    My apologies but I do support as well as everything else, as you know this is a one man project.

    I saw only the second half of your post due to pagination, so sorry about that.

    To answer your question, a few people are already using the plugin successfully.

    Regarding the woocommerce extension, you can choose any admin to be the shop “owner” to receive the cryptocurrencies. This can be any administrator account. The expected behavior is that on checkout some amount of a cryptocurrency is transfered to the admin account.

    Regarding the transactions that are not confirmed, let me ask you again if you received an email with a confirmation link? You can enable or disable this operation from the “Wallets -> Confirms” admin page. This could be simply that you have not setup emails on your server or it could be anything else. You can also set the plugin to not require User Confirmations in which case the transactions will be executed without it.

    Let me know if this answers your questions and also let me know about the confirmation emails


    Also, note that by default a withdrawal needs admin AND user confirmation. An admin confirmation on its own is not enough to execute the transaction.


    What I would like for the Woocommerce function is that the BTC does not go on an Administrator account, but rather on the seller account.

    Let me explain :

    I use WC Marketplace in addition to Woocommerce, which allows sellers to sell their products on the shop, but when a member buys a seller’s product, BTC should be deposited to the seller account and not on the Administrator account.
    Subsequently, the seller requests a withdrawal of his BTC which will be confirmed by the administrator.
    Do you understand the principle I want to put in place?

    As far as Confirmation Mails are concerned, all were successfully disabled in the Confirmed …
    But transactions and withdrawals are still not confirmed. I have been looking since this morning for a solution to this problem but I do not find, from where the request of your help please.

    You have the screens in my previous posts.




    I have just tested the user’s transfers to user via the “wallet shortcode” page by activating the “Admin” and “User” confirmations and it still does not work.

    Confirmations were validated on the Pannel Admin.
    The user does not receive any confirmation mail.
    The transfer history on the “coinpayment” portfolio is empty.

    Screen 1: https://pixsecure.xyz/i0uMWQ/OBg8jQ.jpeg
    Screen 2: https://pixsecure.xyz/_zKAov/og1-8N.jpeg
    Screen 3: https://pixsecure.xyz/VpYFXh/QwgXkr.jpeg

    I will eventually deduce that the plugin is obsolete: /



    I see that you are frustrated with the plugin, bust rest assured that the functionality you are trying to achieve is being used every day. This is probably some system configuration issue that we can figure out and fix.

    The screenshot you show me indicates that the transaction remains in an unconfirmed state even though you have provided the necessary admin & user confirmations. I cannot imagine why this happens to you, but the answer should be in the WordPress logs or your MySQL log.

    Normally the cron job discovers unconfirmed transactions that have the necessary confirmations and changes them to a pending state. pending transactions are eligible for execution on the next cron. This is done in includes/confirms.php in function confirm_transactions(). I have again tested this in combination with the new tor extension, even though internal transfers never touch the coin adapter – they only manipulate the local database.

    When a transaction is first entered, the user who entered it should be getting an email asking to confirm the transaction. The email is sent using the wp_mail() function. I would start debugging from there, as this is the first deviation from expected behavior. I suggest you do a tail -f /var/log/*.log and see if there is any error while you are entering a new transfer. There could be PHP errors, MySQL errors, or even mailer errors; this should catch them all.

    In summary, let me know if you find any errors in the logs. I would start by figuring out if wp_mail() works and then if PHP mail() works. (Also check your spam folder just in case.)

    One other thing you could try as a test, is to disable confirmations (Wallets -> Confirms -> Internal transaction confirmations) and uncheck Admin confirmation required and User confirmation required. Then do another move. Does it stay in unconfirmed state again? That should give us some clues as to what went wrong.

    Let me know.


    Thank you for your reply,

    Does the cron of your plugin require a cron function on the host of the host or not?


    Normally no, you shouldn’t do anything to make sure cron works. In fact the plugin will warn you if it doesn’t.

    The WordPress cron mechanism is not exact – it executes pending actions on the next page refresh. Some people choose to force WordPress cron to execute more regularly by triggering a curl request on the site, but this is rarely necessary. You can read about it here https://developer.wordpress.org/plugins/cron/hooking-into-the-system-task-scheduler/

    Have you been able to determine if there are errors in the logs and if wp_mail works on your system?

    If you don’t find anything in the logs you could insert some error_logs into the confirm_transactions() function to see if it runs, what it does, and if it fails at some point. Normally it is the one that should be changing your transaction status from unaccepted to pending.


    I look at it this afternoon and I come back to you very quickly.

    Thank you


    Before attempting anything else, update to the latest patch version, 0.4.1-beta.



    Sorry for the delay, here is what I have fat since the last time:

    – I changed the host, and hosted the site on a new .onion address.
    – I have reinstalled and configured WordPress 4.8.2 fr.
    – I reinstall and configure Woocommerce and WC MarketPlace.
    – I have delivered all your plugins required, as well as the last maj that you put online. (0.4.1 beta)
    – Configure everything as you specified in your tutorials.
    – I have created shortcode wallet pages.
    – Create a buyer and seller account.
    – Test the deposits. OK
    – Test the transfers. KO

    Same result!

    Deposits work well, but transfers from member to member remain unconfirmed.

    I have disabled the “Admin” and “User” confirmations in the “confirm” tab but the result remains the same …

    Screen Coinpyment Tab: https://pixsecure.xyz/BY-BKS/q2aN-c.jpeg
    Screen Adapter: https://pixsecure.xyz/paKCPr/IeTPnF.jpeg
    Screen Transaction: https://pixsecure.xyz/zFTFHf/RCCPp4.jpeg
    Screen Capabilitie: https://pixsecure.xyz/WCMww1/y8LCAm.jpeg
    Screen Confirm: https://pixsecure.xyz/HU5OYq/Sf3_K2.jpeg
    Screen Cron job: https://pixsecure.xyz/JTdGCt/Svdb_v.jpeg
    Screen Transfers Coinpyment: https://pixsecure.xyz/vouNpp/gu72fx.jpeg
    Screen Parameter Coinpyment: https://pixsecure.xyz/WoiH7d/FIEwmv.jpeg

    Did I incorrectly configure the plugin or the coinpyment wallet?

    I really want your plugin to work properly on my site, it’s really the style of system I need.



    The extensions (mCrypt, GMP, cURL, mbstring) are also activated on the server.
    I’m also putting version 7 of PHP on the server.

    Other things maybe that comes to your mind and that could have consequences on the non-functioning of the plugin?

    I try to give you as much information as possible so that the problem can be resolved as quickly as possible.


    Thanks for providing all of this information.

    The screenshots from the CoinPayments account are irrelevant. You wouldn’t expect to see anything there.

    I see that communication with the API works (adapter status is responding). You mentioned that the issue was with internal transfers being stuck in the unaccepted state. This is an internal operation that should only affect the database.

    I’m afraid that due to your setup being unusual, you have an unusual issue. I will have to ask you to insert some debug logs into the code. That’s the fastest way to debug this and move forward.

    As I mentioned earlier, the code that should be transitioning your transactions from unconfirmed to pending is in includes/confirmations.php, in function confirm_transactions(). You could start by adding a debug log in that function, then check your logs to see if it executes. Add the following:

    error_log( __FUNCTION__ );

    and you should see the name of the function in your logfile. Make sure that logging is enabled in your wp-config.php first.

    Also, if that function runs and fails it will print out “failed to update unconfirmed moves between users.” Look for that in your logs too. As well as any other suspicious errors.

    Let me know what you find. This shouldn’t be hard to debug.

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