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Problem with Extension TOR

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    This is a different problem altogether I think. I have tested the UI with the new changes and it is not broken on my end.

    There are a number of reasons why the UI would not show, so please first see the troubleshooting section in the manual under “I do not see the UI elements in the frontend.”:

    Also, can you check your javascript console for errors and the network tab for failed XHR requests?

    If so, let me know what you see.


    All of them were checked in the troubleshooting section “I do not see the user interface elements in the interface”.

    Here are two screens that shows the console “JS and XHR” when I update the page “wallet shortcodes”.


    Problem with javascript?


    I’ll investigate this and will let you know.


    Thank’s 🙂


    I’m afraid I can’t reproduce the issue.

    I have tested the coin adapter over tor and the UIs work fine.

    (Also note that you have posted the domain of your site. You have deleted it in one image but left it shown in the other. Maybe get a new one? )



    Yes the domain address is a forgetfulness of my part but this is not very serious since the site in question is empty.

    If you had the address of the site, you may have found that the page wallet does not work?

    The thing that works most is that with the extension “Block io” the wallet page is displayed correctly and the BTC address of deposit is delivered by the online wallet “block io”, but not with the extension coinpayment.

    That’s why I think that the problem comes from the plugin itself …

    I may eventually give you full access to the site if you wish.
    You will see for yourself the problems I encounter with your plugin?

    If you wish to test on our site, please inform me, I remain at your disposal all evening.



    Good morning again,

    I think we have made a misunderstanding from the beginning.

    I have to tell you that my site and heberger on a Hidden Service with a .onion address and is accessible only via the browser tor.

    When you have done your plugin tests “Coinpayment” with the browser tor, have you heberger your demo site on a Hidden service in .onion?

    Because if you host your site on the clear web with a .com domain name (for example) your plugins will work properly via TOR, but I will eventually not have the same result as you if my site is heberger on a Hidden Service in .onion …

    Waiting for your answer.



    I did check your site and couldn’t figure anything out just by looking at the frontend.

    I do understand that your site is a hidden service. It’s true I did not setup an onion site. The issue here is not how the browser connects to your site, but how your site connects to the other APIs. Just because your site exposes an onion service does not mean it itself uses tor to connect to the other APIs. Your block.io adapter connects to the block.io API over clearnet probably, not Tor. The block.io adapter does not know anything about proxies. Only the CoinPayments adapter connects to its API over tor. I have tested this on my end.

    Can you tell me when you go to Wallets -> CoinPayments -> Coin Options, do you see your coins listed?


    << Can you tell me when you go to Wallets -> CoinPayments -> Coin Options, do you see your coins listed? >>

    Yes I see my BTC monaie, which is the only one activated.

    I am talking about .onion site because online wallet sites tend to block queries coming from its sites (.onion), hence the use of a proxy / tunnel.

    Do you want me to send you the FTP / BDD identifiers of my site by mail, so that you can directly work on it?
    You may see better the problem on the site in question.


    I have just found or was the error displaying pages “wallet shortcodes” …
    It is located in the API Key Permissions on the online wallet coinpayment and not in your plugin itself.

    See screen: https://pixsecure.xyz/tErYRF/AmdFBS.jpeg

    Subsequently, I tried to deposit funds with the Admin account as well as with a Member account.

    Two business addresses have been created automatically in the portfolio coinpayment (that is perfect), the transfers of BTC are done well on the portfolio coinpayment after 2 confirmations.

    The only problem, and I think you will be able to help me, is that the scales of the administrator account and members do not update automatically on their respective account and this one stays with a balance of 0.000000!
    While the BTC’s have arrived on the coinpayment portfolio with a largely satisfactory confirmation number.

    The cron job?
    Here is the configuration of it: https://pixsecure.xyz/8XxZjQ/-46pou.jpeg

    Thank you for your help.



    If I understand you correctly, communication with the API works in general, but user balances are not updated after depositing? Did you get deposit notifications over email?

    Is there a deposit row in your transactions table? What status/confirmations? Can you send me a copy or screenshot in my email?




    The depot system is in place, as well as the Blanace of the member that is up to date.

    I can not operate transfers and withdrawals.

    The scenario I have set up is as follows:

    – A member that I will name (Test1) deposits BTC on that Balance, Libra is updated.
    – “Test 1” sends BTCs to “Test 2” via the page “Wallet shortcodes”
    – The admin validates transactions on the Admin pannel.
    – But the funds are not confirm, nor transfer, the balance of the two members does not move!
    – The problem is repeated on withdrawals that are not confirmed too!

    See Screen: https://pixsecure.xyz/LFZdvM/1-kb-A.jpeg

    ————————————————– ————————————————– ————

    Second thing please, with regards to the plugin: “Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets: WooCommerce Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway”

    When a member purchases a product from a seller on the shop, the balance of the buyer is properly debited, but is recredited on the wallet of the Admin instead of being recredited on the Seller’s Wallet, does this is normal ?

    There are only two options, Admin or System.
    In both cases, payment is not made to the Seller account.
    Is there not a way for this to be the seller’s wallet that is recrediting?

    See screen: https://pixsecure.xyz/ozL_y-/1iFKnZ.jpeg

    Are the “Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets: WooCommerce Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway” and “Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets: CoinPayments Adapter


    The “Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets: WooCommerce Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway” and “Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets: CoinPayments Adapter” Portfolios Can Work Together?


    Yes, in fact any coin adapter should work with any app extension.

    This is the central idea behind Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets: To mix-and-match wallets and app features.


    Okay, so I do not understand why it does not work at home.

    Did you see the screens of my last message? (no confirmation)

    Do you have a suggestion that I can turn to?

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