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Balances aren't loading

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    I have setup all shortcodes and I have a balance with Litcoin testnet. The hot wallet balance in Adapters shows a balance of 10.00000, however I cant see a balance in frontend when I load [wallets_balance template=”list”] When I check the API {“symbol”:”LTCT”,”name”:”Litecoin Testnet”,”is_fiat”:false,”is_crypto”:true,”icon_url”:”https:\/\/www.coinpayments.net\/images\/coins\/LTCT.png”,”sprintf”:”LTCT %01.8f”,”extra_desc”:”Destination address label (optional)”,”explorer_uri_address”:”http:\/\/explorer.litecointools.com\/address\/%s”,”explorer_uri_tx”:”http:\/\/explorer.litecointools.com\/tx\/%s”,”balance”:0,”rate”:6571.01,”move_fee”:0,”

    Please advise



    Most likely you did not deposit litecoin testnet coins via a user deposit address but via some other address. Hot wallet balance is not the same as user balances. If you like, you can check the Glossary section of the documentation where these terms are explained. Basically if you deposit litecoin testnet via a user deposit address, then these coins will belong to that user. You can use a litecoin testnet faucet such as https://kuttler.eu/en/bitcoin/ltc/faucet/ to test your deposits.

    with regards


    I got the address from the wallets_deposits front end logged in as Admin. The deposit address was that of the admin. I re-read the glossary, Have setup another user and tried to 1. send LTCT directly to the user via coinpayment 2. via [wallet_move] frontend but it says insufficient balance. Just need to get my head round it.
    ps. the faucet link states no more ltc available.


    Thank you for the additional info. If you are using the CoinPayments adapter, please check the Troubleshooting section here: https://www.dashed-slug.net/bitcoin-altcoin-wallets-wordpress-plugin/coinpayments-adapter-extension/ under the heading “Deposits come through to the CoinPayments platform but do not show up in the plugin.”

    Most probably the IPN messages are not getting through.


    It mentions that the IPN must be on a HTTP port 80, my site is https with auto rerouting from port 80 to 443. Surely most sites would be secure?


    Whats the solution to the IPN messages not getting through? I checked the example.com/?wallets-cp-ipn=1 endpoint and it returns the IPN mode is not HMAC message. I also checked that IPN messages are being sent in CP, I even resent them.
    Please advise as I cant make a subscription if I can’t evaluate.



    Addressing your questions in order:

    Since you should be using https, messages will have to go through port 443.

    When you visit the API endpoint via your browser, this is the message that you should expect to see.

    When you open an IPN message via the CP interface, does it report as being sent? Or did sending failed?

    If it failed, this is a very common issue that people face, usually hosts do not allow incoming messages by default. There could be firewalls preventing the messages either on your host machine or on your host’s network. You would have to speak with your server administrator about this.

    best of luck

    with regards


    it reports as being sent successfully. All ports are open. Will double check again.
    (testing account)
    ipn_version = ‘1.0’
    ipn_id = ‘1f33e934eb1e6e04c643778b8efb2129’
    ipn_mode = ‘hmac’
    merchant = ‘7b50a5ad41d5a1f331e70bcdbe603439’
    ipn_type = ‘deposit’
    address = ‘QbQvSpvzrUjCKaMsDhVNcndS2ogQYkHGQN’
    txn_id = ‘2e02c3177ff2f7c5230950139d45d04c51672625dd9772affa3b4cc452d4f077’
    status = ‘100’
    status_text = ‘Deposit confirmed’
    currency = ‘LTCT’
    amount = ‘2.00000000’
    amounti = ‘200000000’
    fee = ‘0.01000000’
    feei = ‘1000000’
    confirms = ‘0’


    OK, two questions:

    1. Do you see a transaction when you go to “Wallets” -> “Transactions”? It could be that the deposit is there but is not confirmed yet.

    2. If you go to “Users” -> “Your Profile”, do you see the deposit address QbQvSpvzrUjCKaMsDhVNcndS2ogQYkHGQN listed?



    1. No transactions appear
    2. Yes (this was the user I created yesterday to test) Admin address is QUBozNWtD9PDSaC9RC6b77nmvFCL56foY1


    Thanks. This is not an issue I have encountered before. Some thoughts:

    1. Is the coin adapter (“Wallets” -> “Adapters”) in a “Responding” state?

    2. When you visit “Wallets” -> “CoinPayments” -> “Account keys” do you see a “Last IPN error” field?

    3. Could it be that you entered an IPN URL in the CoinPayments settings? The IPN URL must be left blank.

    4. It might also be worth looking into the wordpress debug log if you can. If you wish to enable debug logging you can follow instructions here, then reattempt sending the IPN and check the log.


    1. Yes
    2 No
    3. IPN URL is blank
    4. will try this and alternatively backup and do a fresh install to see if there is a plugin conflict somewhere (major headache)

    Thanks for the help


    Sorry I can’t be of more help right now.

    Another observation:

    This is your transaction: https://chain.so/tx/LTCTEST/2e02c3177ff2f7c5230950139d45d04c51672625dd9772affa3b4cc452d4f077 It sends 2 LTCT to address 2N84AKp4kqNg7BPbpbbTMY6BztREabRewyS.

    Your deposit address QUBozNWtD9PDSaC9RC6b77nmvFCL56foY1 is a P2SH address (see here). These were introduced recently.

    The deposit will only work if the address the plugin reports is the same as the one in the IPN message. From what you say it seems to be the case. I will check to see if this somehow causes problems.

    It seems that you have done everything correctly. It is unlikely that this is due to some plugin conflict. You can easily check by deactivating other plugins.

    I will let you know if I find anything of use.


    Reading back our conversation:

    The IPN reports a deposit to address QbQvSpvzrUjCKaMsDhVNcndS2ogQYkHGQN (equivalent to 2N84AKp4kqNg7BPbpbbTMY6BztREabRewyS).

    You say that your user’s deposit address was QUBozNWtD9PDSaC9RC6b77nmvFCL56foY1 ( equivalent to 2Mzq3sMeeC3L8JPS6o64a2RMLmrkWAdmpWx). This is a different address.

    Could you repeat your test, making sure to use the correct deposit address for your user?


    QUBoz = user 1 (admin)
    QbQvS = user 2

    I have done two transfers the first was to the same address user 1 to user 1 and the second user 1 to user 2. I will try again sending from within coinpayments from to QbQvS… (user 2)

    Payment Pending

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