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? Add fiat currency trading pairs to Exchange extension

Fiat Coin Adapter extension for Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets for WordPress

? Add fiat currency trading pairs to Exchange extension

Use this coin adapter to manually perform fiat currency transactions on behalf of users. These can then be traded for crypto with the Exchange extension.

After popular request, a first beta version of the Fiat Coin Adapter is released today. This is meant to be used as a companion to the Exchange extension.

Once a few fiat currencies are enabled, these appear as coin adapters in the plugin. An admin can now use these fiat currencies to form trading pairs and create new markets.

Users can now send fiat currency deposits to your exchange via bank transfer or other means. An admin can then insert these deposits into the plugin.

Please note that withdrawals are not yet implemented.

Check the extension’s homepage for installation instructions.



  1. Honourable Slugs. Awesome addition! Right at the frontier, defining history as we speak. Please keep it up. We depend on you!

  2. Awesome!!! Well done Alex and thank you so much for providing this… need to incorporate site and user’s bank details for deposits and withdrwals

    1. Currently the currencies allowed are all the fiat currencies reported by In a later version it might be possible to add custom currencies.

  3. I have created a manual site reward currency (HBTX) in fiat. I have also created Pairs with other currencies in exchange. This currency is working very well with exchange markets as we can define our prices in limit buy or limit sell. but when I try to use this currency in the faucet, and I choose USD(default sitewide currency) as Reward currency. It doesn’t Pay rewards in the faucet and says “Exchange rate USD_HBTX is not known, Cannot pay out USD rewards in HBTX.” ..where I can define this exchange rate?

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