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? ShapeShift Exchange extension now released

? ShapeShift Exchange extension now released

The extension for exchanging between cryptocurrencies is now released

The long-awaited extension for exchanging cryptocurrencies via the Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets WordPress plugin is finally released! Thank you all for waiting.

Frontend UI for the ShapeShift extension to Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets, where users can exchange cryptocurrencies via your WordPress site

This app extension is a front-end to the service. You can find the extension here. It is available to premium members only.

The extension has undergone extensive testing but is marked as beta as a precaution. If you notice any remaining issues please report them and they will be fixed ASAP.



    1. Hello,

      You are attempting to download a premium extension with a free account. Premium extensions are available to premium members only, as explained in the homepage and in the extension page. The extensions that you were able to download are available for free to all subscribers, whereas this one is not.

      kind regards

  1. FYI Great job so far!!

    However Shapeshift plugin has conflicts in the dashboard. As result no settings from anywhere for anything maybe saved while shapeshift is activated. The base plugin “Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets WordPress plugin” loads great and is finding the BTC node nicely…

    Additionally the ShapeShift plugin has errors on the frontend. It will load and then the entire block will collapse.

    I yet don’t see a place for paid member support. Sorry If I missed that. I can show you what’s up and share errors from the console with you. Too verbose of an output to post here

    Cheers and again I am very happy to be close to working : )

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