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ShapeShift Exchange extension

Lets your users exchange cryptocurrencies using from within your website.

This extension lets you use a shortcode to let users exchange between various cryptocurrencies.

Frontend UI for the ShapeShift extension to Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets, where users can exchange cryptocurrencies via your WordPress site

You can display the exchange UI in your frontend with the shortcode: [wallets_shapeshift]

The service is used for performing the actual exchange: The user funds are withdrawn from the site wallet towards ShapeShift. Then, ShapeShift will deposit the new coin to the user’s deposit address for that coin. The user will be notified as usual about the withdrawal and deposit.

If you have enabled withdrawal confirmations, they will apply to these transactions as well. Make sure that your users are aware of this, as they will be requested to confirm a withdrawal.

Fees paid by the user include:

  1. The withdrawal fees for the originating currency, as defined by the coin adapter (fixed + proportional fees). These are the fees that should cover the outgoing transaction.
  2. The mining fees for the destination currency, as defined by ShapeShift.
  3. Any fees that you specify in the admin settings page. These fees are proportional to the transacted amount.

If the exchange rate fails, then the ShapeShift service will return the original currency to the user’s deposit address for that coin.

installation instructions

  1. Install the Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets plugin by following the installation instructions.
  2. Install and activate this plugin extension if you have not already done so.
  3. Visit WalletsShapeShift and enter a percentage that you wish to retain as exchange fees for your site. Then hit the Save Changes button.
  4. Use the [wallets_shapeshift] shortcode in your website’s frontend. This will display the exchange UI.


Some coins do not appear as options in the UI

For a coin to be available for conversion, there must be a coin adapter in Responding status, AND the coin must be available for conversion by For an up-to-date list of coin pairs supported by, refer to

The UI is empty or is not displayed at all

  1. First refer to the troubleshooting section for the main plugin for reasons why the UI would not be shown. (User must be logged in, etc.)
  2. Additionally, make sure that you have assigned theexchange_funds_in_wallet capability to the user role. Visit WalletsCapabilities to do this.
  3. Make sure that there are at least two coins with working coin adapters, that are supported by ShapeShift. If there aren’t the UI will not be displayed.
  4. Make sure that you are not situated in a jurisdiction where cryptocurrencies are strictly regulated. The ShapeShift API restricts access via geolocation to people accessing it from areas such as Washington, New York, etc.


You must be a premium dashed-slug member to gain access to this plugin. Paid membership gives you access to all the current and future premium plugins on the site, and to updates of those plugins.


For any issues, inquiries, suggestions, and general feedback regarding this app extension, visit the support area.

For support regarding the parent plugin, Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets, please use the support forums on

ShapeShift Exchange extension

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