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Announcement: New membership plans and tax info

Announcement: New membership plans and tax info

Hello to all dashed-slug enthusiasts!

This is an announcement about new membership plans that will now be available on, as well as tax-related information that will be of interest to EU businesses.

Membership plans

If you are already a premium member, you can continue to stay on the same Premium Membership plan. However, there are now some new options that might interest you.

These are the different types of membership now available:

slug old-slug regular-slug five-slug unlimited-slug
description Free Subscription Premium Membership Plan Single Site Plan Multiple Sites Plan Unlimited Sites Plan
sites 1 unlimited 1 5 unlimited
access to extensions coin adapters only
automatic updates no
support for all extensions coin adapters only
price (excl VAT) free $8.02 per 3 months $3.23 per month $4.84 per month $8.06 per month
price (incl VAT 24%) free $9.95 per 3 months $4 per month $6 per month $10 per month
available always until 15 October 2018 from now on from now on from now on

The listing of available plans can also be found here.

If you are thinking about becoming a member, now is a good time: the Premium Membership Plan will only be available for new signups up to 15 October 2018.

Tax exemption for EU businesses

To all payments made to dashed-slug, a 24% tax is applied.

If you are a business situated within the European Union, you are entitled to tax exemption. If you wish to benefit from tax exemption:

  1. Cancel your current recurring payment on PayPal.
  2. Become a member with one of the new tax-exempt plans, available here.
  3. Make sure to enter all your business details in your profile section. These must include your full name, name of company, address, and VAT IN.

Once the details are entered, you will receive invoices, rather than receipts in your email for every payment.

If you are not a business situated in the EU, this does not apply to you.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this.

Thank you!




  1. You’re basically cutting off the premium membership sign-up option as of 16Oct2018, is that correct? If yes, what is the motivation? Capacity full? Or regulatory issues? Please share.

    1. Capacity… There’s no regulatory issues about offering an online software service. Still, if you are interested in that plan, you can sign up for it before the 16th and you can keep it indefinitely.

    1. I am already charging VAT, it would be illegal not to. If you are outside of the EU, nothing changes for you. If you are a registered business within the EU, you now have a new option to avoid paying that tax, and therefore pay less than before, as long as you register your business details.

    1. Thank you so much! Btw, a number of new things are in my immediate plans. These currently include: a full node Monero adapter, a replacement to the ShapeShift extension, and a number of requested improvements to the Fiat adapter, Exchange extension, Faucet and Author Payroll extension. There will be blog announcements about these developments. (There is no “et al”, it’s a very small team, see )

  2. Literally an awe-inspiring outlook. From our perspective the Monero adapter and any augmentations to the Fiat adapter are the most anticipated, especially the Monero adapter. Ppl repect the level of optional privacy this platform enables. Tx for the harbinger. Really appreciated.

  3. Q: for the monthly premium subscription, will this be an auto-renewal with automatic deduction from my credit card? That would be preferable. Tx for your advice.

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