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Wondering how it works

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    With the browser disabled or untouched for a while, the site screen is locked(or stopped) after a few minutes.
    When i activate browser, it will display again after a slight delay (about 3-5 seconds).
    At this time, the contents of the deposit shortcode are updated automatically.
    ( Live polling is set to 0. )
    Is there a connection between the frontend and the server, even without live polling?
    Can the user connect only when requested?


    I found out during the coin deposit and withdrawal test.
    Even if the value of live polling is ‘0’, it will be polled according to the browser status.
    I did not refresh. However, simply deactivating and reactivating the browser will cause the delay to occur and polling.

    Is there a way to avoid polling regardless of browser status? (Turning off polling completely.)
    If it is only updated when the user request(refreshes), performance will improve and it will be easier to understand.


    Besides polling, the plugin also refreshes coin information and balances whenever the wallets page regains focus according to the Page Visibility API ( If you wish I could add a switch so that this behavior can be turned off. Adding a way for the user to request a manual refresh will involve a bit more work and I will do it when time permits.

    kind regards


    Thank you for your positive answer.
    I think it would be enough to have a switch that can turn off the function.
    Regarding the refresh function, it would be enough for the user to just refresh the browser himself.


    I think a little more,
    If your time permits And if this is possible,
    It would be nice if you could add the following:
    (The frontend will not be refreshed even when the page is refreshed, and if it can only be refreshed by the user’s manual request.)
    It will be able to improve frontend performance as needed.

    ** the ‘Page Visibility API’ seems to run after 60 seconds of browser inactivity.


    Hello again,

    Yes, you have already requested this and I have implemented an on/off switch. It will be out today with the next release.

    I highly doubt that this will improve your site’s performance.

    If you have a large number of users, it is very likely that the delay is caused by the get_users_info JSON call. If you do not need to use the [wallets_move] shortcode, then simply disable the send_funds_to_user capability from your admin menu. This is needed only until I can improve the way [wallets_move] works.

    Alternatively, it might be wise to reduce the number of coins that you have enabled in the CoinPayments adapter.

    kind regards


    Thanks for the update!

    But I found something that does not work right now.

    The switch works on a single wordpress site
    At multisite, the switch does not work.
    In Multi-Site, I can not uncheck the checkbox in the Admin menu.

    I tested it on a pure standard wordpress site and a pure multi-site, and it did not work on a multi-site.


    Thanks for noticing, I will fix the issue with the checkbox in multisite.

    Another thought about your performance issue: Does your performance improve if you reduce the number of coins enabled in the CoinPayments adapter? Enabling too many coins can slow down the frontend when you use that adapter. This is something I plan to improve on.


    The issue with the checkbox in multisite is now resolved in 2.13.7.


    If I set as many coins as possible in my coinpayment settings,
    The first time a user joins, the loading becomes longer. According to my tests, each additional coin causes about 2~2.5 seconds of loading. However, this loading occurs only once at the user’s frontend. If i set 10 coins, about 25 seconds of loading occurs.

    And sometimes it seems that there is a slight delay (different from page loading) from 0.5 second to 1 second when the user moves the page. I do not know if this is related to the number of coins I have set as coinpayments. But I think this is not a performance issue at this time.
    But it would be better if the frontend performance improved a bit later.

    In my case, the user experience on the site has been greatly improved through the ‘page regains visibility’ switch in this update.
    Thank you!


    Thank you for reporting your findings.

    As I said before, I do have plans to improve frontend performance. This is already scheduled for a later release.



    Frontend performance should have been improved with the latest version 3.7.0 of Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets.

    Additionally, it is now possible to refresh individual UIs manually by clicking a button. This feature will soon be available on the Exchange extension as well.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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