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Wallets not shown and other issues on multisite

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    No Email received here . I have an activation code but there are no wallets showing when adding the shortcodes to wordpress.
    No users are being allocated wallets . I registered a new account with multi site and I have received no email. The account has an activation code but its for a free subscription. I ahve disabled all plugins and tried a default and non default theme but it just doesnt work.
    Cleared http and site cache and still no change.
    One thing is that this wordpress install is through softaculous. Now all other plugins work just not this one.
    It seems that something is not right with the plugin because Ive also had an error message telling me to check my code and another saying there was an error communicating with coinpayments.
    Is there any known issues please as I can’t figure out whats wrong. Theres no Errors in the logs so I am completely stuck with this.
    Any help would be appreciated


    Account not activated after PayPal payment

    Hello and welcome. Thank you for paying for membership.

    First of all, the activation code is only for automatic updates to your extensions. It is possible that it’s in your spam folder. You can also find your activation code when you log in to this site, in the site’s homepage and other pages. Just search for “activation” in the page. If you can’t find it, you can email me and I’ll send you the code again. For details about the activation code see here: https://www.dashed-slug.net/dashed-slug/extension-updates-activation/

    Please tell me the following:

    1. What do you mean by “No users are being allocated wallets”? What do you see on the screen? If you have used the shortcodes and you see “No currencies are currently enabled”, then see the relevant guide in the howto section: https://www.dashed-slug.net/howto-debug-shortcodes-no-currencies-are-currently-enabled/

    Also, since you are on multisite, it’s possible that users were not assigned capabilities correctly. Please go to Wallets -> Capabilities and check. Admins should have “manage_wallets”, while other users should have “has_wallets” and all other wallets capabilities, except “manage_wallets”.

    2. If you have installed the CoinPayments adapter but you haven’t managed to enable any currencies, then let’s focus on this issue first. You mentioned that you see an error message to check your code. What error message is this? Please show me.

    For example, some themes incorrectly use TGMPA in such a way that they crash the plugins that also use TGMPA. If you show me the error message I’ll be able to tell what’s wrong.

    3. You also mentioned that you see an error communicating with CoinPayments. Can you show me the error?

    Since you are using the plugin on a multisite installation, please also tell me whether the plugin (and its adapters and app extensions) are network-activated, or if they are only activated on single sites in your network.

    In short, please be as specific as possible so I can help. Any errors you see, please copy and paste them so I can see the problem.

    P.S. I have moved your post to a new thread, since it was not related to the other thread. Since you are able to download premium extensions, then the issue is not related to the activation code. I have checked your account and it is a premium account.

    with regards


    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the reply, I have the api returning data but its not displayimg using the shortcode. I use the plugin so I don’t have to write the php to interact with it but it just doesnt seem to want to display the plugin on the frontend for some reason. Everything else seems to work. Coinpayments now returning success for all coins. All adapters are responding. The api is displaying info . The wallets frontend is not displaying however.
    https://5cryptos.com/?__wallets_apiversion=3&__wallets_action=get_coins_info shows that the api is up.
    If you could think of anything I would like to hear. Ive cleared server side cache and used w3 Total to purge and speed cache up on this wordpress site but it still is not displaying. I’ve never had this problem with the plugin before so I’d really like to find out what the issue is.

    Thanks for your help


    Thank you for the additional details.

    It sounds like some of the issues were resolved, so that’s great to hear.

    What do you see in place of the shortcodes?

    Normally, if a shortcode cannot be rendered, it will display an error message (unless if you have hidden errors with custom CSS).

    Failing this, it may be a good idea to enable logging and check the debug.log file for any errors.

    If you cannot find any error messages, I can login to your site and check. If you want me to, please email admin credentials for your site and I’ll login and check.

    with regards


    Hi ALex,

    Strangely it has started displaying so I think it is something underlying with the permissions on the server itself. I just wanna say I love this plugin and Ive been working with it now for around 2 years and I love it. Just a tip to anyone who wants their own payment gateway that there is a site called wallet builders that will build you a free basic crypto currency and put it online for free for 1 month, node hosting is a few dollars a month additional or you can pay a little and they will allow you full control of the new currency. I think is around 69 euros cost. All these coins work with the plugins adapters and is a very quick way to get your own coin in to a wallet system or exchange using this plugin.
    Restyle and add tradingview widget for the pairs and your exchange will have a full graph before any trades are committed. Maybe this is something that could be coded in to the plugin as its a great option to have.

    Thanks for your quick reply Alex it is very much appreciated.



    If, as you say, the shortcodes suddenly started displaying, this sounds to me more like a caching thing.

    Thank you for the info about wallet builders. I was not aware of this and it does look like a great match with the plugin. I will add this information to the Multi Coin adapter extension homepage. Hopefully by 2022 there will be an ERC-20 adapter so people will be able to create their own coins more easily.

    The exchange extension already uses the TradingView UI since version 1.3.0. Styling is mostly the responsibility of the web developer, but I do intend to work on it in the future, when other more pressing tasks are done. Ultimately styling is theme-specific thing so I can’t improve it much without losing generality.

    The graph cannot have price values before trades are performed, because this is not how it works: The exchange does not have any connection with other markets. Rather it is a way for people to create their own market, and it may or may not correspond to any other external markets.

    For people who want to allow trading over a well-known pair, such as BTC_ETH, there may be another extension in the future that will allow swapping coins at globally accepted market rates. I will have to think about this.

    Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate your input.

    with regards

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