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Feature Request: Buy/Sell Cryptocurrency through our website. Collect fees.

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    The Problem: People can exchange crypto on our site, and hold it via a wallet on our site, but they can’t buy it or sell it on our site!?

    Ideally, we could connect to those who actually hold the Crypto and allow our users to seemingly buy and sell it from our site.

    By ‘sell it’, I mean exchange it for their non-digital currency and cash it out via their bank account.

    Think Coinbase.



    – Connect to various APIs of those who hold Crypto to find the best rates automatically.

    – Using the API, enable Users to buy/sell Crypto directly from us.

    Create component shortcodes for easy customization.


    Hi Zach,

    We have built a SaaS platform at Fintech Systems (https://fintechsystems.ltd) that does everything you want and more.

    Buy, Swap, Trade, Custom Market Data API, Integrated Eth wallet, smart contracts, build your own token, create funding contracts, publish your smart token to the wallet, a full affiliate system etc etc. Borrow, Lend, Sell coming soon.

    Save yourself the headache and come talk to me. You can find me in LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/graemeconradie/), or inside my collaboration platform FinChat – https://chat.fintechsystems.ltd, create an account and ping me (Graeme).


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    @zachkinsey Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Unfortunately, what you are proposing is a totally different plugin, not a new feature. The available exchange extension is a regular exchange, not an OTC exchange, and furthermore it does not communicate with other exchanges. If you are looking for an OTC exchange, perhaps you could look elsewhere.

    @UberNomad Looks good. Does your product offer the OTC functionality that the OP requests?


    Yes @alexg, we are working on proving OTC to our site owners. We also build any custom functionality a site owner may want to implement.


    Thanks for the information @UberNomad , I’ll have to check it out if it makes sense.

    If that’s beyond the scope of this plugin, then what about this~

    If you look at how changelly.com works, you’ll see that they don’t actually manage the payment processing or crypyocurrency.

    They essentially just provide a simple front end interface for the payment processor/crypto holder (MoonPay, Coinify, Indacoin, Simplex, & Wyre) and end up being a middle man who collects a % of the fees.

    As shown here: https://changelly.com/buy

    Would it be beyond the scope of this to implement the same?



    Thank you, and yes, I am aware of Changelly. If you wish to provide similar functionality to your users with this plugin, there is a ShapeShift extension. ShapeShift is essentially the same as Changelly.

    If you wish to instead provide your own Changelly-like functionality, based on the Exchange extension, you can build a solution yourself: The Exchange extension has a JSON API that allows you to place instant market orders at the spot price.

    Alternatively, you can use the recent [wallets_exchange_market_order] shortcode to provide a UI to the Exchange that reminds of ShapeShift/Changelly. See the relevant release notes.

    Integrating with the liquidity of other exchanges is (as stated above, and in the Exchange extension’s FAQ) out of scope of this plugin. To be clear, I will not be offering a solution for this feature. You can do this manually, or you can use the JSON API to build such an automated solution if you like. But this would be a completely different product/service than the ones I have available.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    with regards

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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