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bad orders issue

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bad orders issue

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    How do I cancel a specific order?
    My exchange has a bad orders.
    This issue has been around for a few days, and I updated the plugin today, but it did not work out. What should I do?

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    By “bad” I assume that you mean the amount is zero.

    I believe this is due to a previous version that had allowed this type of order to be inserted. I am not certain if the amounts are zero or if they are simply less than one satoshi, there is no way to tell from the screenshot.

    In any case, the user who entered the orders should be able to cancel them, from the [wallets_exchange_orders] UI. This should be the easiest way.

    Another way would be to directly delete them from the database:

    1. Backup your database.

    2. Assuming that your table DB prefix is wp_, you can do this in your SQL console:

    DELETE FROM wp_wallets_orders WHERE amount < 0.000000001;

    (That’s eight zeroes after the decimal, followed by a 1) This will delete all orders with amounts less than one Satoshi.



    I think all of those orders are filled but remain zero amount.
    This issue has been on me.
    In db, all orders from that rate are filled.
    Can I delete all of those orders?

    In other pair markets, market order is not traded.
    For example, if I place a buy order on doge (ask 0.00000057 DOGE 221.68403500), nothing happens.

    What if I want to initialize exchange?
    Is it possible to erase all orders?



    You can always start over if you empty the two tables:

    TRUNCATE wp_wallets_orders;
    TRUNCATE wp_wallets_trades;

    To be clear, this will remove all exchange data. Don’t do this unless you really want to delete everything!!!

    If you also need to reverse the trades that have been already executed, so that the funds are returned to the users as if the trades never happened:

    DELETE FROM wp_wallets_txs WHERE category='trade';

    Before you do anything else, could you please run this query? I’d like to understand if these orders are still open due to some sub-satoshi amount not having been filled.

    SELECT amount,filled,status FROM wp_wallets_orders WHERE ( amount - filled ) < 0.00000001 AND amount > filled;

    If you can email or post me the output, it will be very helpful for me to see what’s going on.

    Thanks again

    with regards

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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