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Reply To: Moved: Withdrawals not working


OK, here’s a few notes about the withdrawal issue you’re experiencing:

1. About the SSL error triggered on cron_discover_withdrawals: This is a job that replaces the CPID with the actual blockchain TXID for withdrawals. For this job to succeed or fail, the withdrawal must have been completed already. This error could occur at random from time to time. So please tell me this: When you performed the BNB withdrawal, in “Wallets” -> “Transactions” the TXID column in your admin screen would initially show CWEG3KI3F9QZTE5X0M14MG4OMM. After the withdrawal was processed, there would be an actual TXID assigned by the blockchain. As the cron_discover_withdrawals cron jobs runs, it replaces these CPIDs with TXIDs when they become available, in this case DAE8DC0546BEB259C31101A00AB2FF1B4C56FBA212E17B7BE3AD8F4AAC595429. Do you see the TXID in “Wallets” -> “Transactions”, or do you see the CPID? By now the TXID should be shown.

2. The error you get when attempting to withdraw Ethereum is something else entirely, and has nothing to do with CoinPayments. Unfortunately this is not an error I’ve seen before and I can’t imagine what’s causing it, so I have to check everything. If you want me to investigate, I will have to debug this on your server. Please contact me over email. Let me know if this is a live site or not, and take a full site backup if it is, just in case. I will have to disable plugins and enter debugging code into the plugin to investigate (I will need admin priviledges). And I will also need access to your PHP log to check how far the code runs before it breaks.

3. You mentioned that you went through the checklist. What did you mean by “completed every step”? You have already mentioned that the withdrawal is not shown in the admin screens, so surely all the checks must have failed.