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Destination address label (memo) not being passed on withdraw.

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    It looks like the “Destination address label (optional): 100942014” did not get passed, or at least is does not show in CoinPayments. So the BNB never made it to my Binance account.

    I assume “Destination address label” is the same as “memo” for BNB

    I submitied this:
    You have requested to withdraw BNB 0.30000000 to address bnb10749k3j3lk763s9amgfhtyf72pfggf22x7glc0
    Coin symbol: BNB
    Amount: BNB 0.30000000 (in USD: 5.64)
    Fees to be paid: BNB 0.00037500 (in USD: 0.01 )
    Transaction requested at: 2020-07-13 17:24:18
    Comment: 100942014
    Destination address label (optional): 100942014

    CoinPayments shows this:
    Address: bnb10749k3j3lk763s9amgfhtyf72pfggf22x7glc0
    TX ID: DAE8DC0546BEB259C31101A00AB2FF1B4C56FBA212E17B7BE3AD8F4AAC595429
    Withdrawal ID: CWEG3KI3F9QZTE5X0M14MG4OMM
    Note: 100942014



    No, actually I had not implemented passing a memo to BNB. “Destination address label” is simply a label that is saved on your DB and it depends on the wallet on how it’s handled.

    I can implement BNB memos, and then the text for the field will be shown as “Memo”.

    I will notify you here when this is released. It should be later today.

    with regards


    Thank you. I’ll test it again after you make the update.


    OK, I have gone through the list of coins and identified the new coins that need a destination tag, in addition to the ones that were supported before.

    In version 1.1.3 of the CoinPayments adapter, in addition to BCN, XMR, XRP, SBD, STEEM and XEM, the withdrawal extra field now works for the following coins: APL, BNB, ETN, LOKI, WAVES.

    Thank you for reporting this issue.

    with regards

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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