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Reply To: Distinguishing between fiat/crypto coins in the frontend UI

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Glad to hear that the new solution works for you (i.e. displaying fiat and crypto markets in different tabs).

You also mentioned the issue of qr codes for custom coins appearing in the [wallets_deposit] and [wallets_withdraw] UIs (from this other thread).

With the new HTML classes .crypto-coin and .fiat-coin that will be released today, you can do this with CSS. i.e. hide all qrcodes, then display the ones that are known to be crypto or fiat, according to the Excahnge rate providers.

I will not be hiding qr codes for custom coins by default for several reasons:

1. Custom coins are not a concept of the parent plugin, only the fiat coin adapter extension. They are a hack and should really not be used under normal circumstances. In fact I am strongly considering to remove the custom coins feature as it is a mess.

2. If I were to add such CSS rules into the plugin, it would hide the UIs for all coins, for users who have not set up fixer.io.

3. This would cause issues with people who have connected to a full node wallet for a coin that is not known to third party services yet.

Therefore you now have all the tools to implement what you suggest, with no more than two or three simple CSS rules which can be added to customizer.

We can continue this discussion if you like, but I have repeatedly told you that I will NOT be implementing this change. But look out for version 5.0.6 where UIs will be annotated with the HTML classes .crypto-coin and .fiat-coin. If you’ve set up fixer.io, then any coin that does not have these classes is likely to be a custom coin.

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