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Reply To: Withdrawals


Hello Alex,

I appreciate your work.

I took some time to check, and there are still some issues with refnded orders. Commsions from orders that have been partially refundd are not saving in the frontnd Bankgn Overview and are not being transfered to the vendr wllet (in backend are marked as Paid).

Regarding your las point about disabling the Request option for vendors, I think it is not the best approach, but if you think it has to be like that at this moment OK. From this approach, it is not that efficient from operations point of view if as an Admin I have to pay manually.

So I enabled the option in backend “Disbrsmnt schdule” -> “If checked, automaticlly vendrs commison will disburse” to see and it is relly an option that could improve this manual paymnt point. Checking the cron evnts, i tsted it but it does not work, Could you Alex have a look at it? Could you adapt it in order to allow automatic disbursments to vendrs wallt?

Thank you Alex as usual,

Best regards