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Reply To: Withdrawals


Thank you.

You say that my process is correct, but you see only one transaction for each commission, but I see two.

In my case, one transaction was performed when the vendor requested a withdrawal, and another one, for the same commission, when the admin marked the commission as “paid”.

I am attaching a view of my payments history from the vendor dashboard. Again, this is for the test without any dashed-slug plugins installed. I want to be sure that we are on the same page.

So, if/when you can, please tell me the following:

1. When testing using the Direct bank gateway, did you go to “Payments” -> “Withdrawal” and request a withdrawal as a vendor?

2. When testing using the Direct bank gateway, did you click on to “WCMp” -> “Commissions” -> (commission) -> “Mark as paid”, as an admin?

When I perform both of these actions, they each trigger process_payment() and create a transaction, as you can see in my screenshot. Once I understand why this happens I can then go on to test the crypto payment gateway again and see.

Thank you again for your help in diagnosing this. Have a good time at the summit!

with regards

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