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Continuation regarding my last reply.

5. As vendr user I tryed to make a withdrawal with no success, when clicking “requst wthdrwl” nothing happens. Returned to 2.0.1 version and it works.

I did not understand what do you mean this affects also wpmc paymnts.

Alex, the next probable version of wpmc 3.4 introduces great changes, allowing order split and partial refunds directly from vendrs. In version 3.3.7 they offer the dev version on github in order to check the extension and test it. Please Alex, could you have a look? the changes will be great, allowing an improvement in automating processes and management directly from vndrs (not depending on admin). It would be a great compatibility advancement with this extension.

About the possibility for vendors, it’s more about withdrawals. Admin should offer a selection of s┬ícoins/customcoins for vendros to be payd with. Currently offering only one coin it is OK, but a bit limiting. Imagine if admin could offer a fiat and crpto options for vndrs… no more need for additional modules, and consequently a better workflow for admins. Please Alex, it would be great adding this.

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