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Hello Alex,

Thank you for confirming this, the new formulated data-bind attribute solved it. Well, I updated to version 1.2.3, and now it works.

When clicking, it does not open instantly, but it takes some time to open completely, and by times opacity stays at 50%. But the move functionnality works correctly.

Just some observations for future releases if you consider them. I thought maybe for public messages, if many, for example more than 5 or 10 public messages the display could be integrated in a box scroll down or tabs, because If not, it could take too much space in the post page or questions. Regarding translations, I could not find some strings, like the modal messages when an operation was successfull or failed or for sent emails.

Thank you for your support, trully appreciated,

My best regards,

PS: Alex, a personal suggestion if you want to consider it. Turnning the support forum accessible only for logged in users for more privacy and to avoid possible vulnerabilities exposure if reported any by users.