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Of course Alex, that’s what we are doing, trying to find the problem hand trying to have options to solve it.

With no errors in console, it is becoming strange, as you said, it is obscure. Everything is updated to last version, Apache, PHP 7.2.6, frontend settings correctly configured.

Today I came into something. I was loking at the code, and from unmodified code, in “tip . php” file I changed the class in line 13 “class = ” dashed-slug-wallets tip “” to class= ” dashed-slug-wallets tips””, and now I am getting:


This time the form is displayed completely but all the fields and clicking tip suggestions are not working, and the dropdown coin selector is not loading any coin.

Any suggestion from the code?
Maybe some PHP extension missing?

Please, tell me if you need more information. The site is not currently in production, but in the meantime I can make it accesible for you.

Thanks in advance Alex,

Best regards