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Reply To: Problem with Extension TOR


Thanks for providing all of this information.

The screenshots from the CoinPayments account are irrelevant. You wouldn’t expect to see anything there.

I see that communication with the API works (adapter status is responding). You mentioned that the issue was with internal transfers being stuck in the unaccepted state. This is an internal operation that should only affect the database.

I’m afraid that due to your setup being unusual, you have an unusual issue. I will have to ask you to insert some debug logs into the code. That’s the fastest way to debug this and move forward.

As I mentioned earlier, the code that should be transitioning your transactions from unconfirmed to pending is in includes/confirmations.php, in function confirm_transactions(). You could start by adding a debug log in that function, then check your logs to see if it executes. Add the following:

error_log( __FUNCTION__ );

and you should see the name of the function in your logfile. Make sure that logging is enabled in your wp-config.php first.

Also, if that function runs and fails it will print out “failed to update unconfirmed moves between users.” Look for that in your logs too. As well as any other suspicious errors.

Let me know what you find. This shouldn’t be hard to debug.