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Reply To: Problem with Extension TOR



Sorry for the delay, here is what I have fat since the last time:

– I changed the host, and hosted the site on a new .onion address.
– I have reinstalled and configured WordPress 4.8.2 fr.
– I reinstall and configure Woocommerce and WC MarketPlace.
– I have delivered all your plugins required, as well as the last maj that you put online. (0.4.1 beta)
– Configure everything as you specified in your tutorials.
– I have created shortcode wallet pages.
– Create a buyer and seller account.
– Test the deposits. OK
– Test the transfers. KO

Same result!

Deposits work well, but transfers from member to member remain unconfirmed.

I have disabled the “Admin” and “User” confirmations in the “confirm” tab but the result remains the same …

Screen Coinpyment Tab: https://pixsecure.xyz/BY-BKS/q2aN-c.jpeg
Screen Adapter: https://pixsecure.xyz/paKCPr/IeTPnF.jpeg
Screen Transaction: https://pixsecure.xyz/zFTFHf/RCCPp4.jpeg
Screen Capabilitie: https://pixsecure.xyz/WCMww1/y8LCAm.jpeg
Screen Confirm: https://pixsecure.xyz/HU5OYq/Sf3_K2.jpeg
Screen Cron job: https://pixsecure.xyz/JTdGCt/Svdb_v.jpeg
Screen Transfers Coinpyment: https://pixsecure.xyz/vouNpp/gu72fx.jpeg
Screen Parameter Coinpyment: https://pixsecure.xyz/WoiH7d/FIEwmv.jpeg

Did I incorrectly configure the plugin or the coinpyment wallet?

I really want your plugin to work properly on my site, it’s really the style of system I need.