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Reply To: Problem with Extension TOR


What I would like for the Woocommerce function is that the BTC does not go on an Administrator account, but rather on the seller account.

Let me explain :

I use WC Marketplace in addition to Woocommerce, which allows sellers to sell their products on the shop, but when a member buys a seller’s product, BTC should be deposited to the seller account and not on the Administrator account.
Subsequently, the seller requests a withdrawal of his BTC which will be confirmed by the administrator.
Do you understand the principle I want to put in place?

As far as Confirmation Mails are concerned, all were successfully disabled in the Confirmed …
But transactions and withdrawals are still not confirmed. I have been looking since this morning for a solution to this problem but I do not find, from where the request of your help please.

You have the screens in my previous posts.