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Reply To: Problem with Extension TOR



My apologies but I do support as well as everything else, as you know this is a one man project.

I saw only the second half of your post due to pagination, so sorry about that.

To answer your question, a few people are already using the plugin successfully.

Regarding the woocommerce extension, you can choose any admin to be the shop “owner” to receive the cryptocurrencies. This can be any administrator account. The expected behavior is that on checkout some amount of a cryptocurrency is transfered to the admin account.

Regarding the transactions that are not confirmed, let me ask you again if you received an email with a confirmation link? You can enable or disable this operation from the “Wallets -> Confirms” admin page. This could be simply that you have not setup emails on your server or it could be anything else. You can also set the plugin to not require User Confirmations in which case the transactions will be executed without it.

Let me know if this answers your questions and also let me know about the confirmation emails