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Reply To: Problem with Extension TOR



The depot system is in place, as well as the Blanace of the member that is up to date.

I can not operate transfers and withdrawals.

The scenario I have set up is as follows:

– A member that I will name (Test1) deposits BTC on that Balance, Libra is updated.
– “Test 1” sends BTCs to “Test 2” via the page “Wallet shortcodes”
– The admin validates transactions on the Admin pannel.
– But the funds are not confirm, nor transfer, the balance of the two members does not move!
– The problem is repeated on withdrawals that are not confirmed too!

See Screen: https://pixsecure.xyz/LFZdvM/1-kb-A.jpeg

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Second thing please, with regards to the plugin: “Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets: WooCommerce Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway”

When a member purchases a product from a seller on the shop, the balance of the buyer is properly debited, but is recredited on the wallet of the Admin instead of being recredited on the Seller’s Wallet, does this is normal ?

There are only two options, Admin or System.
In both cases, payment is not made to the Seller account.
Is there not a way for this to be the seller’s wallet that is recrediting?

See screen: https://pixsecure.xyz/ozL_y-/1iFKnZ.jpeg

Are the “Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets: WooCommerce Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway” and “Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets: CoinPayments Adapter