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Reply To: Problem with Extension TOR


I have just found or was the error displaying pages “wallet shortcodes” …
It is located in the API Key Permissions on the online wallet coinpayment and not in your plugin itself.

See screen: https://pixsecure.xyz/tErYRF/AmdFBS.jpeg

Subsequently, I tried to deposit funds with the Admin account as well as with a Member account.

Two business addresses have been created automatically in the portfolio coinpayment (that is perfect), the transfers of BTC are done well on the portfolio coinpayment after 2 confirmations.

The only problem, and I think you will be able to help me, is that the scales of the administrator account and members do not update automatically on their respective account and this one stays with a balance of 0.000000!
While the BTC’s have arrived on the coinpayment portfolio with a largely satisfactory confirmation number.

The cron job?
Here is the configuration of it: https://pixsecure.xyz/8XxZjQ/-46pou.jpeg

Thank you for your help.