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I have added the ShapeShift extension to the list of decommissioned/deprecated plugins, because the platform has shifted to a dex model, and is no longer compatible with the plugin.

It sounds like you’ve done everything correctly. The issue you describe regarding the [wallets_exchange_market_order] shortcode could be due to any number of reasons. You didn’t mention whether there are any errors in the JavaScript console, and whether you have added sufficient liquidity to the market (i.e. limit orders). It could also be due to JSON-API market_summary requests being cached on the server side, or something else entirely.

Are you able to provide me with login credentials so I can check your site myself? If so, please contact me by email. Please send me the link to the page where you use the shortcode, and a username/password so I can check. I don’t think an admin account will be required for this, just a regular user account.

Looking forward to your reply.

with regards