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Account not activated after PayPal payment

Hello and welcome. Thank you for paying for membership.

First of all, the activation code is only for automatic updates to your extensions. It is possible that it’s in your spam folder. You can also find your activation code when you log in to this site, in the site’s homepage and other pages. Just search for “activation” in the page. If you can’t find it, you can email me and I’ll send you the code again. For details about the activation code see here: https://www.dashed-slug.net/dashed-slug/extension-updates-activation/

Please tell me the following:

1. What do you mean by “No users are being allocated wallets”? What do you see on the screen? If you have used the shortcodes and you see “No currencies are currently enabled”, then see the relevant guide in the howto section: https://www.dashed-slug.net/howto-debug-shortcodes-no-currencies-are-currently-enabled/

Also, since you are on multisite, it’s possible that users were not assigned capabilities correctly. Please go to Wallets -> Capabilities and check. Admins should have “manage_wallets”, while other users should have “has_wallets” and all other wallets capabilities, except “manage_wallets”.

2. If you have installed the CoinPayments adapter but you haven’t managed to enable any currencies, then let’s focus on this issue first. You mentioned that you see an error message to check your code. What error message is this? Please show me.

For example, some themes incorrectly use TGMPA in such a way that they crash the plugins that also use TGMPA. If you show me the error message I’ll be able to tell what’s wrong.

3. You also mentioned that you see an error communicating with CoinPayments. Can you show me the error?

Since you are using the plugin on a multisite installation, please also tell me whether the plugin (and its adapters and app extensions) are network-activated, or if they are only activated on single sites in your network.

In short, please be as specific as possible so I can help. Any errors you see, please copy and paste them so I can see the problem.

P.S. I have moved your post to a new thread, since it was not related to the other thread. Since you are able to download premium extensions, then the issue is not related to the activation code. I have checked your account and it is a premium account.

with regards