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Over 50 new coins available to WordPress plugins with the coin adapter extension

Over 50 new coins available to WordPress plugins with the coin adapter extension

Connect your WordPress to and start offering cryptocurrency wallets to your subscribers today.

With Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets, you have

  1. coin adapter extensions that connect to local nodes and other cloud wallets, and
  2. app extensions, such as payment gateways or user rewards.

Because these two concerns are decoupled, you can combine any of the existing app extensions with any of the coin adapters provided.

Today a beta version of the coin adapter extension is released. This was a request by the nice folk at Goldcoin (GLD), a cryptocurrency that features “10X the network capacity of bitcoin and is 5X faster”. is a cloud wallet service that offers wallets for over 50 cryptocurrencies, including Goldcoin. With this adapter you can use your CoinPayments wallets to provide a much wider array of coins to your site’s members. (You will also need to install the Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets FREE WordPress plugin.)

This extension is made available to all dashed-slug subscribers, not just to paying members. Subscribe to and you will be able to download it after you login. (Paying members still have priority support, plus access to other premium extensions).

This is a free beta release of the coin adapter. Please post any issues with the adapter at the support area.

(Note: If you choose to test the adapter on the Litecoin testnet, know that Litecoin has recently transitioned from testnet3 to testnet4.)

Mix and match

One of the aims of new currencies such as Goldcoin is to stimulate e-commerce adoption. Software availability can be a limiting factor to growth. While e-commerce software has achieved some level of maturity for Bitcoin, that same software is not always friendly towards alternative cryptocurrencies. Now you can combine this coin adapter with the existing WooCommerce Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway extension and you have a WooCommerce shop where users can checkout with Goldcoins. Or combine it with the existing Events Manager Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway extension and start accepting cryptocurrencies for event bookings. By mixing and matching plugins, you are in control of which currencies and services you provide.

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P.S. While primarily a subscription-based service, also accepts donations. If you so wish, you can send donations

Any donations support the development of more dashed-slug plugins. Thank you!


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