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? Get notified via BuddyPress about your cryptocurrency transactions

? Get notified via BuddyPress about your cryptocurrency transactions

How to send cryptocurrency transaction notifications via BuddyPress in the Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets WordPress plugin.

Version 2.9.0 of Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets introduces a new feature that was a user request. The notifications that users receive via email about their transaction status can now be sent as BuddyPress private messages.

  1. First go to SettingsBuddyPressComponents and enable Private Messaging.
  2. Then go to WalletsNotifications. (This is the tab that was previously named E-mails.) Enable .

That’s it. Users will now be notified over private messages.

This can be useful when sending emails is not the best option. Keep in mind that this only applies to transaction notifications. Transaction verifications, if the admin requires them, are still done over email. It would not make sense to verify transactions via the same platform (WordPress) that they originate from.

Additionally, a new Glossary section is added to the documentation with this release. As the plugin grows, it is becoming apparent that some terminology is needed when talking about it.



    1. Thank you. That’s very interesting, I will take a note. If you have any further comments about the plugin, you can also submit them to the support forums or email me. with regards

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