🆕 Static wallet shortcodes, and more in 3.9.0

New developments in version 3.9.0 of Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets for WordPress.

Version 3.9.0 of Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets for WordPress features a number of improvements that need to be discussed.

Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets version 3.9.0


Static shortcode templates

Most of the existing wallet shortcodes utilize the plugin’s JSON API to display data. This data is live: it is refreshed via polling this JSON API. The end user can select the current cryptocurrency, and this selection affects all the shortcodes throughout the page.

In addition to the above, it is now possible to use new, static, shortcodes. These:

  • are rendered as static HTML on page load and do not refresh
  • do not require access to the JSON API
  • accept a symbol attribute that specifies the coin to display information about, e.g.: symbol="BTC". It is now possible to display information about a single coin per page.
  • accept a user or user_id attribute to display information about a user other than the currently logged in user
  • are available via the attribute template="static"

The shortcodes for which a static template is now available are: [wallets_deposit], [wallets_balance], [wallets_transactions], [wallets_account_value], [wallets_rates].

Please refer to the shortcode documentation for details and examples.

New PHP API endpoints: cancel and retry transactions

Two new endpoints are added to the PHP API. These are the following two WordPress actions:

  • wallets_api_cancel_transaction
  • wallets_api_retry_transaction

With these actions a programmer can cancel or retry a transaction programmatically from theme or plugin code.

Please refer to the PHP API documentation for details and examples.

New administration screens: Deposit addresses and user balances.

Two new administration tables are added to the Wallets menu, available to users with the manage_wallets capability. These are:

  • Deposit addresses: All the deposit addresses per coin and user are listed in a sortable table.
  • User balances: All the user balances per coin and user are listed in a sortable table.



  1. This is an excellent improvment of the plugins quality and coverage of the domain of application. I’m very happy with the new backend features for deposit adresses and balances.

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