? New: Withdraw address validators, balances in menus, and more in version 2.5.0 of Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets

Version 2.5.0 of the Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets WordPress plugin introduces a few requested features including address validators, and balances in menus.

Version 2.5.0 of the Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets free WordPress plugin introduces a number of requested features including address validators and balances appearing in WordPress menus. At the core of this release was a much needed refactoring of the front-side knockout.js code. This made the following changes possible:

Withdraw address validators

Address validation via pluggable JavaScript functions

This feature was requested on the WordPress.org forum. Coin adapters can now provide JavaScript validators for the address that a user enters in the

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A Bitcoin validator is included with the built-in bitcoin core node adapter and more validators will be added to the other coin adapters soon. You can learn more about how to implement your own address validator. Have a look in the accompanying PDF manual that comes with the bundle download of this plugin.

Balances can now be shown in WordPress menus

Balances displayed as menu item

Another requested feature. It is now possible to insert balances in menus:

  1. Go to AppearanceMenus.
  2. At the top right side of the screen, click Screen Options.
  3. Under Boxes, make sure that Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets balances is selected.
  4. Now you are free to enter the balances menu item into your menus.

Fees updated dynamically in UIs

Transaction fees updated dynamically

As of 2.4.5, fees for internal transfers and withdrawals can have a fixed component and a component that is proportional to the transacted amount. With 2.5.0, the amount to be paid is updated dynamically in the UI as the user is typing the amount.

As always, please use the support forum at WordPress.org for issues regarding the free plugin, or use the support forum on dashed-slug.net for issues with the plugin extensions.




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