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Improvements to the CoinPayments cloud wallet adapter including Ethereum availability

Improvements to the CoinPayments cloud wallet adapter including Ethereum availability

Release notes and announcements regarding the latest beta release of the adapter for the Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets free WordPress plugin.

As you might already know, the CoinPayments adapter is in beta, currently undergoing major development. I have been unhappy with this adapter from day one, but release 0.3.0-beta available today fixes a number of issues.

Cloud wallets such as are ideal for people who do not want to set up their own wallet software.

I am posting here the complete changelog for the latest release.

0.3.0-beta changelog

  • Add: Cron job to replace CoinPayment transaction IDs with blockchain TXIDs when they become available.
  • Improve: Coin list is now dynamic. As CoinPayments adds or removes coins, this adapter will follow the changes.
  • Add: You can only enable coins that you have indicated that you accept on the service.
  • Add: When coins are down for maintenance on the service, they are not shown. When they are back, they will show up again.
  • Remove: Transaction fees feature is now removed from this adapter for simplicity. Some fees are still retained on the cloud wallet side (0.5%).

Release notes

Due to the fact that deposits are built on top of the CoinPayments callback addresses API, a bunch of coins that did not support this mechanism had to be disabled in earlier versions. The underlying service now supports callback addresses for all coins so they have become available. Most importantly, this release now provides a way to have an Ethereum wallet on your site, at least until I release an adapter for the stand-alone wallet, as so many of you have requested.

Due to the way the CoinPayments API works, when withdrawals are sent to the wallet the wallet responds with a CoinPayments ID. This is reported to the user immediately and does not correspond to the actual transaction ID on the coin’s blockchain. There is now a mechanism in place that eventually replaces the provisional CoinPayments ID with the actual blockchain ID when it becomes available. If you are using this adapter, you can notify the users about this fact by altering the email message for withdrawal notifications.

Implementing this adapter has been a challenge and I will keep it in beta status for now. It is up to you to verify that it meets your needs. As always, support and bug requests should be directed to the support area for this component.




  1. This is great work!, how do we handle not having transaction fee apart from the coinpayment withdrawal fee.

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