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withdraw status canceled

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    see above. i got the on transaction page. but .. transaction comes throug and have an tx. but status is canceled



    Thank you for reporting this issue. I need more information.

    1. To be clear, can you please tell me which wallet adapter the transaction was executed with? CoinPayments, Bitcoin-like, or other? Also, what was the currency?

    2. Which version of the plugin and extensions are you using? The latest version for the parent plugin is 6.0.0 on WordPress.org, and the latest CoinPayments wallet adapter is at version 2.0.3.

    Please check the plugin versions, because there was an issue related to this that I solved in RC9 (and therefore the current 6.0.0 stable).

    3. Does this happen with all withrdrawal transactions? Do you have other withdrawals that succeed, and only this one got cancelled?

    If you can, please email me screenshots of the transaction details in the plugin. If the withdrawal was done with the CoinPayments wallet adapter, please also show me the transaction details in the CoinPayments withdrawal history, or the IPN message.

    Thank you.

    with regards


    It is turtlecoin Adapter. I will update and try again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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