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White screen of dead

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    I just installed and configure this plugin for my woocommerce site. But it ends up throwing white screen of dead when the payment processor is selected at checkout and clicked on proceed.

    Once clicked on place order, it will load the the page and display white screen. Though the order will be reported as placed, and an email will be sent to the user, but nothing shows up at the page.
    When entered another page of the site, it will continue throwing white page, and sends out another email confirmation of the order with another different order id. This will continue untill it chooses to clear. Even when another window is opened on that same browser, it will continue sending out confirmation order to email address, while still throwing white screen of dead. At the same time, if another browser is opened entirely or a private window is opened, and enter the web site address, the site will then be accesible.

    Sometimes this error is been display while the site is loading
    Could not contact server. Status: error Error: TimeoutError (DOM Exception 23): The operation timed out.

    What could be my case?



    Thanks for reporting this issue.

    I have now tested again the WooCommerce payment gateway extension with the latest version of WooCommerce, 3.3.0. I cannot reproduce the defect that you are describing. This could mean one of two things:

    1. The problem occurs due to bad interaction with some other plugin. As a test, disable all other plugins except WooCommerce, Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets, and the payment gateway, and try again. If you are now able to perform a checkout, then you should enable your plugins again one-by-one until you find out which plugin is causing this. (Usual suspects are security plugins that sometimes block AJAX requests.) Then report your findings to me. If you cannot do a checkout even with all but the essential plugins disabled, then try changing the theme to something standard like Twenty Seventeen.

    2. Since you mentioned the error (DOM Exception 23): The operation timed out. it is possible that some JavaScript code takes too long to execute, perhaps due to network issues or because of something else slowing down your server. As you know, both WooCommerce and Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets rely heavily on JavaScript and XHR requests. I would open up the network tab in the browser console and observe how long the various XHR requests take. Can you find one that takes too long to respond?

    3. Since your error could be caused by anything really, if you can’t find anything with 1 or 2, I would enable logging (https://codex.wordpress.org/Debugging_in_WordPress) and check the WordPress logs at wp-content/debug.log. It could be that there is some error on the server side that slows down your checkout. Unlikely, but it’s worth a shot.

    Most likely it is some incompatibility with another one of your plugins, so go through 1 first. If you do identify a plugin that’s causing this then let me know so I can see what I can do about this.

    let me know what you find

    kind regards,



    Thanks for the directive. I have been abke to find the culprit. It is one of the plugin I have. Though the main issue is that I made some modification on the plugin. But currently workin on it to fix the issue.

    Thanks again for the directive.


    Great news that you found it!

    If you have identified that a particular plugin is incompatible with Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets, do let me know so I can look at it. I may be able to resolve the incompatibility.

    kind regards

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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