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wallets showing and disapearing on the test page

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    Sorry if it is not the right place but I have a problem with wallets plugin
    I am installing like in your demo video … , than because of the system apply SQL query from other topic … but after that “warning of error” is gone.

    Next I am adding “new page” to check the short codes , and when preview the page … wallets (for all short codes … ) are displaying on the page and “shrinks” after second , so I see only little rectangle .

    (I have wordpress with woocommerce , wallet plugin and woocommerce bitcoin plugin )
    I must say that my wallet plugin is not yet connected with the bitcoin node , so I do not know if the problem will disapear than .
    Node is downloading too slow …. so I am still waiting to be ready and connect ….

    see here http://test17.globalnetsystem.com/wallets/



    First of all yes, this is the right place to post issues with the plugin. For issues that are about the main plugin you may also post at the wordpress.org forums, but here is fine too.

    As for your particular issue, the UIs will only show when there is at least one adapter that is in “responding” status. So this is expected behavior.

    You may also refer to the “troubleshooting” section in the PDF documentation, under “I do not see the UI elements in the frontend.” I try to keep a record of the most common issues people face.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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