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Unable to change/ switch to a new coinpayments API

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    Hi Support,

    I created a new coinpayment account, successfully completed by KYC and decided to use this new account. I went straight to generating a new API, enabled the right permissions and copied the new API details to my WordPress Plugin settings, cleared HTTP cookies and saved every detail including Merchant ID and secret phrase.

    The Challenge here is if i test the setup with a live BTC payment or even the TestLTC, i still receive payments into the old coinpayment account used before instead of the new Account with a verified KYC. Whys that?

    I decided to debug the setup, uninstalled the coinpayments adapter, unistalled the Base plugin, reinstalled both, resaved the new API details of the account with verified API, yet i get payment to the old account. why does payment still go back to the old account? what can i do to direct payment to the new account, is this a database issue? is there a place i can manually add the new account API details in a config file or even the database.

    Thanks for any solution i can get



    It sounds like you did everything correctly except for one thing:

    The deposit addresses already generated for your users are those of the old CP account. Whenever you switch adapters, please follow the instructions in the FAQ under “I want to replace an adapter with another one.” Namely, you need to click on “Renew deposit addresses” for each coin that is now handled by a new wallet.

    with regards


    Perfect. that’s all i needed. thanks a lot. You know your onion bro

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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