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Trying to accomplish the following with WCMP and Dashed Slugged Wallets.

dashed-slug.net Forums WooCommerce Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway extension support Trying to accomplish the following with WCMP and Dashed Slugged Wallets.

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    1. I don’t want commissions paid till the the customer verifies that he is satisfied with the product. Like clicking the handshake button on the order as shown in the attachment. Or a 21 day period has pasted.

    2. I want the customer to be able to raise a dispute for the administrator to mediate and be able to issue a refund if necessary. Like clicking the dispute button.

    A. A vendor should not be paid unless the order has handshaked or 21 days pass, which ever comes first.

    B. If a customer raises a disputed, the vendor doesn’t get paid till the administrator decides to issue a refund to the customers wallet or issue a payment to the vendors wallet.

    Is there plugins that you are aware that can help with this? Or am I going to have to build this myself? It seems like this would be a crucial part of using these two plugins together…



    1. This is a very good idea. If you disable auto-payments in WCMp, then you can decide when commissions are being disbursed. You can do this after making sure that the client is satisfied. In fact this is highly recommended, because this payment gateway does not work correctly with auto-disbursals. If you have the setting on, you will get a warning in the admin screens about it.

    2. Unfortunately I do not know much about how to do this. I simply developed a payment gateway. A gateway’s only role is to execute payments. All business logic should be in your multivendor plugin. So I highly recommend that you contact the developers of multivendor plugins for questions regarding how and when commissions are issued. A payment gateway does not know about disputes, grace periods, trust models, etc. This is all the job of the e-shop logic.

    Sorry for not being of more help about 2.

    with regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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