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Trade Volume & Coins List API?

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    Hi Alex,

    Your plugin seems to work great with no major functional errors.

    Thank you once again for developing it.

    Is there an API that I could provide services like CoinMarketCap to list the overall trading volume, list of coins, and overall trading volume of each coin, price, etc?


    Hello, thanks for your kind words.

    The get_market_summaries API call provides the information you mention. Please see the accompanying documentation for details.

    kind regards




    Does anyone know any bot that can be implemented with this extension to generate volume as a test?


    To be honest I do not have anything concrete, but I do have some code that I used during dev testing for this.

    It is a PHP file that generates SQL insert statements for the BTC_DOGE market. It generates 10 weeks of mock transactions that you can pipe into MySQL. I am attaching the code in case you find it useful. Do not use it before reading what it does. It will delete your database data and replace it with random data.

    Once a market has enough data, you will be able to see the candlesticks on the chart.

    with regards

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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