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Themes you can recommend for the exchange-plugin

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    Hi to all fellow slug-members.

    First I want to say thanks for that cool forum and extensions
    you have developed here, really amazing.

    I am working on setting up an exchange and was wondering if you can recommend a good theme for that
    with a modern UI.

    Thanks in advance

    Have a great weekend




    ok I was a little too fast :). found out that the shortcodes do a lot of the work with the deposit, withdraw, balance and chart and trading.

    If you have any inputs to more UI / themes that work good with this, then feedback will be much appreciated.




    Hello Joe,

    As a backend developer, I am mainly concerned to make sure that the plugin works with the standard themes released by WordPress, i.e. twentyseventeen, twentynineteen, etc. This ensures maximum compatibility with most themes.

    Occasionally you can come across a theme that is not compatible with this plugin. Usually it is a problem of one or two CSS rules and it is possible to fix the issue. If you are using a theme whose CSS rules you believe are interfering with the UIs, let me know because I might be able to help. All that’s usually needed is to inspect the elements with your browser, find out the rule that’s causing the problem, see which of the plugin’s rules it’s hiding, and overwrite that with another rule.

    Additionally, perhaps other users can recommend themes that they have had success with.

    with regards


    Hi Alex

    Thanks for the update

    Ok, I will work on the UI and CSS.

    If anyone has a good template or can recommend one with login functions and chat, then it would be awesome.

    ThemeMylogin also have some good offers and add-ons I see, might go with that one.

    Awesome community and good to see anyone are helping each other out.

    Learning a lot by just reading all these post :).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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