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Balances on SQL tables are not the same as the CPT balances after migration

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    The SQL values must be same as the CPT values.
    But after migration they dont match …


    I have included a table in the migration tool that shows the values before and after migration. This way you can verify if all the transactions were migrated correctly.

    There are multiple reasons why migrating a transaction might not work, especially if you are attempting to migrate all transactions, rather than just the balance totals. Knowing why a transaction was not migrated depends on the specifics, i.e. you would have to go into each user’s transactions and look to see which transaction was not migrated. Looking at the verbose logs during migration may also help.

    If you can identify a transaction that was not migrated, I may be able to help you understand why.

    Did you attempt to migrate transactions or balance totals? I believe it’s safer for most people to migrate balance totals only, and then move forward from that, unless if it’s absolutely vital for you to preserve transaction history.


    something is curious.. because balances wont match, market history is not shown and it is hard to find user addresses


    edit i found this error:
    {“code”:”market_not_enumerable”,”message”:”Market 5104 not enumerable, due to: Could not determine name for market with ID 5104, due to: DSWallets\\Currency with 5007 does not exist! “,”data”:{“status”:500}}



    I’m sorry that you are experiencing this problem.

    If you have decided to migrate all balances and transations, then it is possible that the old custom SQL balances and the new CPT balances may not match.

    This will happen if, during migration, a transaction cannot be created as a CPT for some reason. Typically this will happen if the migration task cannot create the transaction because it can’t auto-create the associated currency. In any case, if any such error occurs, then the admins will be notified by email with details about the error. You can then go and see what the problem was, and maybe create the transaction manually. A good idea is to first create all currencies manually, and then let the migration task migrate the transactions. This will ensure that such errors will not occur. If you let the migration task auto-create the currencies, then things can go wrong in some cases.

    If you have decided to migrate only the balances, then all the new balances should be equal to the old ones. You can revert the migration, and once it is fully reverted, you can retry by migrating only the balances.

    The market_not_enumerable error indicates, again, that there is a problem with the currency associated with the market. Please check your market by visiting /wp-admin/post.php?post=5104&action=edit and re-assign the currencies to the market.

    My recommendation is that you:

    1. revert the migration
    2. create manually all the currencies that the old system was using
    3. rerun the migration (either transactions or balances only)
    4. if you get any errors in the admins’ emails, then address them
    5. check your markets and ensure that the correct currencies are assigned

    If you choose to migrate the balances only, then it is almost certain that there won’t be any problems with balances, but the old transaction history will not be shown. In any case, pay attention to any migration-related emails.

    Hope this helps.

    with regards

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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