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Support for ETH tokens

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    We currently use the Coinpayments adapter on our crypto-freelance site here: https://www.crypico.com.

    It works well. However, we want users to have the ability to send and receive ETH-based tokens and store on them on the site in their ETH wallets. Essentially they could have one deposit address for Ether and all tokens, then choose to display the balances for the tokens they want by entering in the token contract. This would be similar in functionality to MyEtherWallet, where you can enter the contract address and see your wallet’s balance of any token.

    My question is – is this possible to implement right now/are there are dashed-slugs adapters than can help with this? Do we need to run a full ETH node on our server? Would we have to disable the Coinpayments adapter just for ETH deposits, run a node for to create wallets for each and integrate the token balance/send/receive functionality on the front-end ourselves? Thanks.



    It is not possible to integrate ERC20 tokens to this plugin. I have looked at this before since it is often requested. The accounting model of Ethereum does not easily lend itself to the architecture of the plugin, so you will only be able to use Ethereum via the CoinPayments adapter. Other than that, no ERC20, sorry!

    The plugin works best with UTXO tokens such as clones of Bitcoin, and there might also be an IOTA adapter soon(-ish).

    kind regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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